MOM's Tutorials of FIFA 17 Player Auction

Coins4Mom now has instant delivery system.

You can list 1-10 players to get your target amount of coins within a few minutes!

1. 1) Swtich your currency, enter the player name that you want to sell and check carefully about the Start & Buy Now Price.

2) List the EXACT Start Price & Buy Now Price as the page shows.

Notice: Donot refresh the page before the player is listed. Player duration shall be listed as 3 days.

2. Come back to the same page and click “ Search my player”.

3. Confirm the player’s Start Price, Buy Now Price and Time Remaining then click “ BUY NOW” to check out.

4. You can repeat the steps above to list 1-10 players.

5. Enter your contact email, select your payment method, input coupon code, confirm your order info and checkout.