1. How long will it take to receive my coins?
Player Auction: 1-360mins
Comfort Trade: 10-360mins

2. What should I do if I forgot my FUT Security Answer?
If you are not sure or forgot your FUT Security Answer, you can reset it. How to reset my FUT Security Question? Click here!

3.I buy coins via “comfort trade”, but I don’t get my coins in time, why?
We are unable to login your account due to the following reasons:
1)Incorrect FUT security answer you offered. If you are not sure or forgot your security answer, you can reset here:
2)Security code needed and you didn’t turn off the login verification
3)You login the account during the delivery make us logout.

4.How to add a new account on my console?
When you got the new account you bought, you’d better use the coins or transfer the coins to your main account ASAP.
1)How to switch user on my PS
2)How to access my PS3 with the new account
3)How to add a new account on my XBOX One
4)How to add a new account on XBOX 360

5.Why need to do email & phone verification?
This very simple email & phone verification is only for first purchase, we do this verification just want to guarantee the payment was authorized and keep your account safe.

6.Why need card verification?
Card verification is only needed for some special cases:
1)Your PayPal account is in high fraud via our risk-control system due to the situations below:
* Your current location and your PayPal address cannot be matched
* You are using proxy when you place the order
* You are using illegal internet connection service
2)You change your payment account frequently

7.I bought coins via “Account Trade”, but I didn’t get my coins in time, why?
We need to verify every account before we send the new account to our customers. Only verified accounts can be sent to make sure you guys can get the accounts with enough coins in. So it may take a few minutes.

8.I bought a new account, but I don’t know how to get the security code.
You can follow our steps below to get the security code:
163 email account

superrito.com email account

gmx.net email account

byom.de email account

YAHOO email account

9.I bought FIFA Coins via “Player Auction”, but I don’t receive my coins, why?
1)Wrong start price and buy now price you listed the player
2)You didn’t list the player
3)You listed same player for several times
4)Player expired

10.Can I pay with my pre-paid gift card?
Yes, you can choose Credit Card (via PayPal) or Visa to pay with your pre-paid gift card.

11.How long will it take for e-check to clear?
Generally, it will take 3-7 days to clear, we will deliver the coins to you once payment received, if you need the coins immediately, you can cancel the order and choose another payment methods to buy.

12.Is it safe to give you my account details to do comfort trade? Will I lose any of my player in the account?
We 100% guarantee the safety of your account details, you can change the password once we finish your order. And you won’t lose any player in your club, so just be relax to place the order.

13.Can I get a refund and how?
If the order was placed without your authorization or we cannot finish your order, you can request a refund and we will refund you in 48 hours. Not all the orders are refundable, so please contact us before you request the refund.